WSCF 37th General Assembly 2022
The World Student Christian Federation held a successful General Assembly in Berlin, Germany, from June 23-30.

WSCF General Assembly wraps up 37th session in Berlin


From 23-30 June, the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) held a successful General Assembly in Berlin, Germany. Due to the pandemic, the assembly was the first in-person meeting since Bogota General Assembly in Colombia in 2015.

“The 37th General Assembly of the WSCF now already lies behind us, even though we started planning for it five years ago. After having to postpone it twice, now the two weeks seemed to just fly by,” said Annette Klinke, referentin für Internationale Beziehungen und Okumene, Deutschland (consultant for International Relations and Ecumenism, Germany).

Message of the 37th GA of the WSCF

ENG pdfMessage of the 37th GA of the WSCF
FRE pdfMessage de l'Assemblé Générale de la FUACE
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ARA pdfMessage of the 37th GA of the WSCF (Arabic)

Berlin, Germany
1 July 2022

The World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) held a highly successful General Assembly in Berlin, Germany, over eight days from 23 to 30 June 2022.  The Assembly discussed our shared vision and values, celebrating the central place of Christian faith in young people’s journey together toward justice and peace.

Due to the pandemic our Berlin meeting was the first in-person Assembly for seven years since Bogota Colombia in 2015. The Berlin Assembly enabled leaders of national Student Christian Movements (SCMs) to hear directly from the new leadership team, from each other, and from expert resource people, and to agree key priorities for the Federation.

The Assembly theme Rejoice In Hope (Romans 12:12) was chosen to express the unique and necessary prophetic role of the Federation in proclaiming a positive message of the loving presence of God among us, often in difficult times. Our resilience in witnessing to the message of Jesus Christ in varied and challenging circumstances shows how a new generation of young people are standing up to lead SCMs around the world.

Thursdays in Black

“There is a dire need to continually engage church leaders and society at large on how domestic violence can be reduced and brought under control. “Thursdays in Black” should continue to address and remind us of these problems, especially in the developing countries where gender-based violence prevails more”, said Mrs. Ebere Ubesie, National President, Student Christian Movement of Nigeria (SCM).

A Walk Down Memory Lane

During a 26 June service, participants from all over the world celebrated the 127th anniversary of the World Student Christian Federation in an 18th-century baroque church, Sophienkirche in Berlin, Germany.

A Walk Down Memory Lane“This timeline does a fabulous job narrating the prodigious, century-long odyssey that continues today, and emphasises the strength of a visual identity that, despite the consistent and considerable change, has been persistently recognisable over the span of more than 127 years of World Student Christian Federation,” shared Monika Biswas, general secretary of  Student Christian Movement Bangladesh.

Senior friends of WSCF: revisiting the past creating a future

In 1895, student leaders from ten North American and European countries met at Vadstena Castle in Sweden to form the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF). Among its founders were John R. Mott (US), Karl Fries (Sweden), Martin Eckhoff (Norway), Luther D. Wishard (US), Johannes Siemsen (Germany), and J. Rutter Williamson (UK). The WSCF was the first international student organization and together with YMCA and YWCA, it is one of the oldest youth movements still in existence.

WSCF 37th General Assembly: Rejoicing in Hope


GA 2022 BerlinThe 37th World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) General Assembly officially kicked off in Berlin with the theme, “Rejoice in Hope” (Romans 12:12), and a sub-theme of “Young People, Journeying Together Toward Justice and Peace.” Over 100 movements from 94 countries will attend this year’s assembly along with senior friends, partners, and guests from 24-30 June.