WSCF General Assembly wraps up 37th session in Berlin


From 23-30 June, the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) held a successful General Assembly in Berlin, Germany. Due to the pandemic, the assembly was the first in-person meeting since Bogota General Assembly in Colombia in 2015.

“The 37th General Assembly of the WSCF now already lies behind us, even though we started planning for it five years ago. After having to postpone it twice, now the two weeks seemed to just fly by,” said Annette Klinke, referentin für Internationale Beziehungen und Okumene, Deutschland (consultant for International Relations and Ecumenism, Germany).

“We will have fond memories of the service honoring the 127th Anniversary of WSCF, as well as the moving and exciting intercultural evening and farewell party. I am glad and thankful for all the support from the German side that we received beyond our expectations, from the parish in Berlin supporting us with their rooms and parish deacon, the local student Christian movements Berlin and their commitment to the worship and the exposure day, everyone helping to create enjoyable excursions and the team of the youth hostel. Finally, by the German team, including the ESG (Verband der Evangelischen Studierendengemeinden in Deutschland), the stewards and their leaders,” she further added.

WSCF General Assembly wraps up 37th session in BerlinRejoice In Hope (Romans 12:12) was chosen as the theme for the assembly to convey the special and essential prophetic function of the federation in spreading a message of hope about the benevolent presence of God among us, frequently during difficult times.

“One of the pioneers of the modern ecumenical movement, the federation through the General Assembly once again reaffirmed its prophetic commitment to justice and inclusivity in a world where injustice is institutionalized. The General Assembly also affirmed its commitment to a new Federative Covenant that would help the federation to be a moral presence and force in a world order that is becoming increasingly bankrupt in ethical principles and progressive values,” said Dr Geevarghese Mor Coorilos, WSCF chairperson.

WSCF General Assembly wraps up 37th session in BerlinIn his closing remarks, Marcelo Leites, WSCF general secretary, expressed that, the assembly's significance is related to three major issues that the students identified as the way forward including the path toward the New Federative Covenant, which was discussed and reaffirmed through mutual commitment, the role of WSCF as a global community upholding the identity and international solidarity among the S tudent Christian Movements and the new strategic framework that will show WSCF the way for the next four to six years on pertinent issues like gender justice, climate change, and other relevant thematic areas.

He further added that the adoption of more than eight policies concerning human rights, inclusivity, and international advocacy against structural powers and wars was a huge success for the General Assembly.

“The WSCF General Assembly, agreements and resolutions made by delegates, have put us again on the stage of being a vanguardist and cutting-edge ecumenical organization, an interregional organization led by students and young people,” said Leites.