Be part of a global community of empowered young students. Be one in unity with the Federation and help generate needed funds to ensure the continuation of WSCF’s work of nurturing ecumenical leaders.

Student Empowerment for Transformation SET 2008 WSCF Asia PacificStudent Empowerment for Transformation (SET) 2008, WSCF-Asia Pacific

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Dear Senior Friends,

Warm greetings from WSCF! It is with deep appreciation for your long-standing support that I reach out to you today.

The World Student Christian Federation has a rich history of forming and uniting youth and students worldwide, embracing diversity, and practicing ecumenical principles. Our mission is rooted in the pursuit of justice, international solidarity, human dignity, and the care of the creation.

The recent WSCF 37th General Assembly (GA) reminded us of the profound impact we can collectively make on the world. The following themes - programmatic areas were discerned and approved by the GA: Climate and Economic Justice; Youth, Peace, and Security - Peacebuilding; Democracy, Human Rights, and Fundamentalisms; Identity, Diversity, Dialogue, and Gender Justice; and Youth Ecumenical Leadership.

To address these themes and make a lasting impact, WSCF will implement a range of strategies that cut across our programs: Biblical Theological Reflection; Youth Mobilization and Participation; Advocacy and Solidarity; Capacity Building and Strengthening of Movements. These strategies are the cornerstone of our work with youth and students worldwide for the upcoming years.

All in One Boat

Dear SCMs, Senior Friends and WSCF Supporters

For over a century, WSCF has served as an invaluable training ground of leaders for the Church, the ecumenical movement, and the social justice movement at large, both locally and globally, for the present as well as the future. But the diminishing of financial resources that are available to the non-profit sector as a whole, particularly for operational costs, is posing a formidable existential threat to WSCF and the historical role it has played as a prophetic witness for the renewal of the Church and the transformation of the world.

Guided by the framework of the WSCF Strategic Fundraising Plan, the WSCF Executive Committee is developing the All in One Boat (AIOB) campaign. The campaign is aimed beyond the immediate need for funds and towards the long-term development goal of bringing the Federation to a state of financial stability, viability and sustainability. We write to obtain your feedback and support for the campaign as it is developed and launched over the coming months.

The theme and the logo depicting the ecumenical boat on 'rough waters' convey the current state of the WSCF and the shared responsibility of SCMers and Senior Friends to keep it afloat.

Appeal to Senior Friends

To our fellow Senior Friends,

One hundred and twenty three years on and the World Student Christian Federation is still going strong. That's how it is for those of us who have been engaged with the working of the Federation during the last decade.

In those 123 years much is changed. The world is an entirely different place two world wars and multitudes of violent eruptions later. The world of Empire and Colony has almost disappeared. New Nations and new nationalisms have emerged. Transport and Communications have changed utterly. Wealth has been transformed as it has moved from the power of men and women, through machines to global knowledge economies and these new energies are transforming the environment of Planet Earth.

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