The Centennial Fund is the WSCF’s endowment fund, established in 1995, to ensure the continuation of the Federation’s work of nurturing ecumenical leaders committed to working for justice and peace for generations to come. The Fund is working to strengthen its fundraising efforts so that it may remain in a position to support the WSCF for years to come.

The Centennial Fund Board meeting in Ireland, May 2017The Centennial Fund Board meeting in Ireland, May 2017

The Fund is managed by a Board of Trustees, drawn from Senior Friends (former members and friends of the WSCF). The Board releases the income from the fund to support WSCF programmes, publications and leadership formation.


Dr. Salters Sterling
Mr. Jannes Hutagalung
Rev. Dr. Bruce Rigdon
Mr. Mathieu Durrleman
Rev. Sheryl Johnson
Ambassador IIari Rantakari
Shali D.O. Kapepo
Dr. Bronwyn Claire
WSCF Treasurer
Ms. Necta Montes
WSCF General Secretary


Mr. Mathieu Durrleman
Mr. Gunther Schwerdtel
Mr. Jean Luc De la Soujeoule
WSCF Finance Officer


Brief self-introduction of CF members

Dr. Salters Sterling
CHAIRPERSON (Ireland)Salters SterlingDr. Salters Sterling

“I am a 79 years old Irish person with university qualifications in History, Politics, Education and a life-long interest in the welfare of the marginalised through the ecumenical service of the Church. A student SCMer from 1952-1961, Britain and Ireland SCM Staff Member from 1961-1970. I have attended the WSCF GA 1964, 1968 and 2008 and 2015 as Senior Friend. Currently accompanying the ExCo as representative of the CF Board. The Centennial Fund will continue to support the work of the Federation with funding within the terms of reference of its Foundation and as Senior Friends by supporting the work of the Officers and Staff of the Federation.”


Mr. Jannes Hutagalung

“After spending more than 3 decades in Indonesian civil service including 9 years with the World Bank in Washington, D.C. I retired in 2008. I since then became more active in my church, as an elder and participate in a number of activities beside joining two choirs. I am also doing some part time work as a consultant. I married to Sondang whom I first met in 1972 at the National Congress of GMKI. We married in that year, blessed with 3 sons and 7 grandchildren. I became a member of GMKI since 1963 and an active member until 1972 when I started working as a civil servant at the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia. During my active years in GMKI I was once Secretary of Jakarta Chapter and a Chairman of National Committee from 1970-1972. Being member of CF is my first experience with the Federation. CF could play a very important role for the future of the Federation when the support from our traditional contributors is declining. CF should become a vehicle for mobilizing financial supports particularly from among members. One of the challenges faced by CF is how to raise the awareness of as many members as possible about the financial situation being faced by the Federation and to be motivated to help.”


Rev. Dr. Bruce Rigdon


Mr. Mathieu Durrleman
MEMBER-AT-LARGE (Genève)Mathieu DurrelhamMr. Mathieu Durrelham


Rev. Sheryl Johnson
MEMBER-AT-LARGE (Canada)Sherly JohnsonRev. Sheryl Johnson

Sheryl Johnson was deeply involved in the Canadian SCM and now currently working on a PhD in Theology and Ethics at Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, USA. She has been involved for several years with WSCF-Canada, a body primarily devoted to fundraising for the WSCF Centennial Fund (with a percentage of other funds raised going to the endowments of SCM Canada and WSCF-North America) and sees part of her role as connecting this group more deeply with the Centennial Fund itself. Sheryl has served in a variety of roles from local unit coordinator (at the University of Toronto) to co-chair of SCM Canada to a variety of regional and WSCF global roles. She first became involved with SCM in 2005. As WSCF, like much of the ecumenical movement, struggles to sustain long-term, stable, funding particularly for its core budget as its traditional funders are experiencing declining resources and changing approaches to funding, I believe the role of the Centennial Fund is to step in to provide that, as much as possible, to enable WSCF to live into its call to be a bold and prophetic space for the generations to come.


Ambassador Ilari Rantakari
MEMBER-AT-LARGE (Finland)Ilari RantakariAmb. Ilari Rantakari


Shali D.O Kapepo


Dr. Bronwyn Claire
WSCF TREASURER (Australia)Bronwyn ClaireDr. Bronwyn Claire

“I am originally from a farm in Australia, and now live in Hong Kong with my partner and (soon) our twins. I studied environmental/ agricultural economics, and have since worked in academia, government and business consulting. I enjoy traveling and the outdoors, and often combine the two in hiking around the world. My parents were SCMers while at university in Australia and I grew up in a household with an SCM ethos. I joined the Australian SCM in 2002 as an undergraduate and have held the position of Australian SCM National Coordinator and Treasurer. I was the Asia Pacific ExCo Representative from 2008, and became the WSCF Vice-Chair in 2012. I am currently the WSCF Treasurer. I see the role of the Centennial Fund as a lead partner and supporter of the WSCF, as well as a key link between Senior Friends and WSCF.”

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