Christopher ChimangeniChristopher ChimangeniThe World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) welcomes Christopher Chimangeni from Lilongwe as Executive for Africa and Director for Bible and Theology Program. He joins the WSCF global staff team working from Malawi where he will be hosted by the CYMA or Christian Youth of Malawi Association, WSCF member movement in Malawi. Christopher has been an active member of the movement and worked as the coordinator of the CYMA for 3 years until 2017. Prior to this appointment, Christopher has worked as Capacity Building Coordinator for the Don Bosco Youth Center and Program Manager of the Association of the Christian Educators in Malawi where he devoted his talents and skills to youth and young people.

As a journalist, Christopher shares his passion for youth work through his writings on youth issues in Malawi and the work of CYMA in different publications. He became a Regional Executive member for the Youth Consultative Forum (YCF) and Communication Officer of the National Youth Network on Climate Change (NYNCC) in Malawi. According to him, “students and youth feel isolated and their dreams die in vain.” His vision is for “Africa to see many young people educated, responsible, independent and socio-economically empowered as this is a stepping (stone) to their future positive contribution to development.”

He describes himself as a ‘dynamic, creative, self motivated and energetic leader’ of young people, qualities affirmed by the members of the CYMA and the people he worked with.  As WSCF Executive for Africa, he will lead the revitalization of WSCF member movements and help strengthen the financial base of WSCF in the region. He shares his plan for WSCF with enthusiasm and realism understanding the current challenges of ecumenical youth work. When asked what experience he will bring to the WSCF, he replied “I will create forum where young people will interact to share their best practices, experiences, beliefs, knowledge…this will be time to hear immense wisdom from students, witness their struggle and faith.”

Christopher will coordinate WSCF’s global bible and theology work from Malawi. He will lead the formation of the global Bible and Theology Working Group and prepare theological materials for the forthcoming WSCF 37th General Assembly in June 2020. A graduated from University of Malawi with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Humanities, he studied Systematic Theology, New Religious Movements, and African Traditional Religion. Christopher is a Roman Catholic and is active member of the Banja Loyera (Holy Family) Parish in Lilongwe where he is the Chairperson of the Radio Alinafe, a branch of the Diocese radio station. WSCF is happy to have Christopher in the team.

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