WSCF Regions


WSCF regions brings its various national movements together to work on common projects and programmes on a regular basis. Each region is supported by salaried staff and a Regional Committee oversees its operations.

WSCF has six regions; Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North America. WSCF regional programme and administrative staff operate from their regional offices in Nairobi, Hong Kong, Italy, Buenos Aires, Beirut and New York.

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Middle East
North America
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Until the late 1960s, the programme and administrative staff of WSCF had all been based in Geneva. A major structural change in the early 1970s moved the focus of WSCF into the six regions the federation has today. At this time, the programmatic and decision-making work shifted to the regions, reflecting the new mode of self-determination and the search for contextualisation in theology and politics.

The life and work of the regions and the interaction between regions help maintain the federation's commitment to global equality and partnership. Each region has a particular character drawn from the cultures, churches and movements that make up its membership.

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