37th GA posterThe illustration in the design shows an entrance of people, based on depictions of the joyous entry of Jesus in Jerusalem. Here, Jesus is depicted as a modern-day worker. In this depiction, however, Jesus is not the only one entering. He is with his youth who are from different sectors: climate justice warriors, indigenous peoples, peasants, LGBT, students, etc. This shows the importance of the role of the youth in bringing peace through hope, justice, and youthfulness. – from the artist, SCM-Philippines member Kjerrimyr Rodrigo Andrés

The 37th WSCF General Assembly and 125th Celebration
on the theme: “Rejoice in Hope”
(Romans 12:12)
June 4-12, 2020, Berlin OstKreuz Youth Hostel, Zwinglikirche, Berlin, Germany

  • Opening Worship (public event): June 6, 8:30-11:00, Zwinglikirche
  • 125th Anniversary Celebration (public event): June 7, 17:00-19:00, Sophienkirche
  • Senior Friends' Gathering (by invitation): June 4-8, 8:30-19:00, Offenbarungskirche
  • Closing Worship (public event): June 11, 17:00-19:00, Zwinglikirche

For information on how to participate, please go to wscf.ch or contact .


GA Final Concept Paper pdfENG    
GA Announcement 2019-04-02 pdfENG    
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Invitation to Senior Friends 2019-09-06 pdfENG pdfFRA pdfSPA
Registration Form: Senior Friends & Partners

Search Committee Announcement pdfENG pdfFRA pdfSPA
Application Form - WSCF General Secretary pdfENG pdfFRA pdfSPA
Job Description - WSCF General Secretary pdfENG pdfFRA pdfSPA
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Call for Stewards pdfENG    
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GA 2020 Theme Song - chords and lyrics pdf#01 pdf#02 pdf#03
Letter and Prayer on the WSCF GA pdfENG    

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