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Dear friends of WSCF! As we are hosting the General Assembly of WSCF in Berlin in June 2020, we invite you to apply for the steward program.

What is the General Assembly?

The General assembly of WSCF happens every four years, bringing together delegates of 120 movements coming from 94 countries. The General Assembly will gather under the theme “Rejoice in Hope” (Romans 12:12): Young People Journeying Together Towards Justice and Peace.

Guided by the theme, the delegates will reflect on the issues and challenges faced by young people on climate justice, religious extremism, racism, unemployment, building an inclusive community, and share stories of hope and actions from all over the world. The GA will also discuss the present situation of the Ecumenical Movement and the future of the federation. Besides these structural work, we will celebrate the 125 th anniversary of the federation. The General Assembly will be held in Berlin, Germany in June 4-12 2020. For more information about the GA please visit the WSCF website: www.wscf.ch and WSCF Europe website: www.wscf-europe.org

What is the Steward Program?

The Steward program gives an opportunity to young members of SCMs to be part of the General Assembly, look backstage and gain important knowledge and experience in hosting an intercultural ecumenical event. A young, dynamic and diverse group of people will come together from June 1-13 in Berlin to support the organizing committee in all duties before, during and after the General Assembly. The group will work together very intense overcoming prejudices, creating a unique atmosphere of friendship beyond the boundaries of denomination or nationality. Tasks if the stewards can include: assisting with local travels, social media, documentation, administration, translating, taking care of guests and delegates, technology, meeting rooms, accompanying excursions, helping with any practicalities. The work will be intense, diverse and probably exhausting- but also an unique experience and the beginning of an ecumenical, intercultural journey.


WSCF will be responsible for all costs, such as travels, accommodation and board. Financial contribution of the participants or their sending institution (Churches, SCMs,…) are very welcome.


The group of stewards should be a young and vibrant group, so applicants should be between 18 and 30 years old. As the official languages of WSCF are English, French and Spanish the ideal steward speaks multiple languages (also other languages are of interest, especially German for local communication). The steward program is not just an investment in strong individuals, but also in healthy long lasting relationships of WSCF, so people involved with WSCF or its member movements are prioritized. For this reason please also send us an endorsement letter from your sending institution, highlighting your contributions on this level and your qualities that can be of interest for the steward program. We are looking for people who are passionate about intercultural exchange, ecumenism, willingness to work with a team and learn constantly from and with each other.

Applications are accepted until January 20. Please apply through this link: https://forms.gle/VVhtEriDmTeiPBSB8, or download and submit this form: pdfSteward Application Form.

Please give us contact details of someone from your SCM board in case we need to ask for further information.

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