BT CommissionersBT Commissioners

Early this year the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) formed a Bible and Theology Commission (BTC) with the aim of building strong theological expertise among member movements and deepen their understanding of biblical work within the Federation. Specifically, the commission will ensure that bible and theology activities will run through the General Assembly (GA) where bible studies and worship life of the GA are integrated. It also aims to build capacity of SCM leaders in leading Bible studies, develop Bible study themes and guide the development of tools and mechanisms, bring back to the mainstream of WSCF, expertise in bible and theology for members and develop partnerships for Bible study and theology with theological institutions.

The commission held its first three-day consultation meeting from 8th to 15th June, 2019 at Hotel Rantapuisto, Helsinki in Finland to help prepare for the WSCF General Assembly which will take place in Berlin, Germany in June 4 to 11, 2019. The participants to this meeting were drawn from across the globe drawing from their long experience in WSCF and SCMs and expertise in Bible and theology.

Rev. Kangwa MabulukiRev. Kangwa MabulukiAt the meeting, the commission unanimously elected Rev. Dr. Kangwa Mubuluki from Zambia as its first moderator. Rev. Mabukuli is the General Secretary of All Africa Theological Education by Extension Association (AATEEA) and former WSCF Co-Secretary General and WSCF Africa Regional Secretary.

During the three-day meeting the members explored the various issues and perspectives surrounding Bible and Theology within WSCF and the SCMs. The meeting had eleven sessions for discussions, presentations, story-sharing, Bible studies and worship with each session addressing a specific agenda and other several topics. Each session had a resource persons who was identified to lead the topics reflection with the theme of the General Assembly “Rejoice in Hope” dwelling on the experience, lessons and testimonials from other people in their respective regions.

The commission proposed that the spiritual life of the Assembly is integrated in the business and work of the GA. It begins with a worship acknowledging one baptism in Christ symbolized by water and concludes with a thanksgiving celebration and worship symbolized by bread and wine. Daily worships and Bible studies will focus on themes on climate and ecological justice, social justice, peace-building and reconciliation and secularization, with images and symbols to bring the community together. The highlight of the day will be stories of hope from the margins narrated by young people on the daily theme from various parts of the world and Taize prayers at the end of each day.

The commission members who attended the consultation meeting were; Bishop Geevarghese Coorilos from India, Peter Ciaccio from Italy, Rev. Kangwa Mubuluki from Zambia, Fr. Nehme Saliba from Lebanon, Sheryl Johnson from Canada, Dianet Martínez Valdés from Cuba, Necta Montes (WSCF General Secretary), Christopher Chimangeni (Global Director for Bible and Theology Program), Salters Stealing (Chairperson, Centennial Fund), Irali Rantakari (host and member of Centennial Fund) and Bruce Rigdon (Core-team member) who attended through Skype from the United States of America.

WSCF will hold its 37th General Assembly (GA) in June 4 to 11, 2020 in Berlin, Germany. GA is the most representative and highest-policy making body of the Federation and it convene once in every four years. The forthcoming GA will review and assess the situation of the member movements, regions, the work of the Executive Committee and the worldwide Federation. It shall consider the ideas, problems and aspirations of the member movements and regions, and to determine objectives and priorities of the federation’s programme and policy in the ensuing period, with full recognition both of the diversity of the Movements composing the Federation and of the changing situation in the world.

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