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GA 2022 Berlin

37th WSCF General Assembly 2022

Suggested fees

  • 100 USD for those based in:
    • EUROPE: Romania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary
    • AFRICA: all countries
    • MIDDLE EAST: all countries
    • ASIA-PACIFIC: all countries, except those listed below
  • 200 USD for those based in:
    • EUROPE: all countries except those listed above
    • ASIA-PACIFIC: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore
    • NORTH-AMERICA: USA & Canada
  • We understand that some of the proposed amounts can be unaffordable for some SCMs. WSCF is a big family of movements, young people and senior friends where we uphold diversity and recognise inequalities. We value everyone’s commitment to the WSCF. For those who have no capacity to afford the full amount, we request you to contact your Regional Office to see what possibilities would be best in terms of fee payment.

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After payment

  • Please click this to send an email notifying us of your payment.
  • Your message will have the subject: WSCF GA 2022 Registration Fee.
  • Indicate your name, region, country, and member movement in the message.
  • This allows us to immediately trace the payment and confirm receipt.

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WSCF GA 2022 Registration Fee
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BANK :   Banque Cantonale de Genève

37ème Assemblée Générale de la FUACE 2022

Frais suggérés

  • 100 USD pour ceux basés à:
    • EUROPE : Roumanie, Biélorussie, Bulgarie, Géorgie, République tchèque, Lituanie, Slovaquie, Pologne, Hongrie
    • AFRIQUE: tous les pays
    • AMÉRIQUE LATINE ET CARABES: tous les pays
    • MOYEN-ORIENT: tous les pays
    • ASIE-PACIFIQUE: tous les pays, sauf ceux listés ci-dessous
  • 200 USDpour ceux basés à:
    • EUROPE: tous les pays sauf ceux listés ci-dessus
    • ASIE-PACIFIQUE: Australie, Nouvelle-Zélande, Japon, Corée, Hong Kong, Singapour
    • AMÉRIQUE DU NORD: États-Unis et Canada
  • Nous comprenons que certains des montants proposés peuvent être inabordables pour certains SCM. La WSCF est une grande famille de mouvements, de jeunes et d’amis seniors où nous défendons la diversité et reconnaissons les inégalités. Nous apprécions l’engagement de chacun envers la FUACE. Pour ceux qui n’ont pas la capacité de payer le montant total, nous vous demandons de contacter votre bureau régional pour voir quelles seraient les meilleures possibilités en termes de paiement des frais.

Options sur la façon dont vous pouvez payer

Après paiement

Payer via Paypal

FUACE AG 2022 Frais d’Inscription
Payer via Paypal, carte de débit ou de crédit

Payez par virement électronique direct sur notre compte bancaire

COMPTE :   CH95 0078 8000 L079 0081 1
BANQUE :   Banque Cantonale de Genève

37a Asamblea General de la FUMEC 2022

Tarifas sugeridas

  • 100 USD para aquellos con base en:
    • EUROPA: Rumania, Bielorrusia, Bulgaria, Georgia, República Checa, Lituania, Eslovaquia, Polonia, Hungría
    • ÁFRICA: todos los países
    • AMÉRICA LATINA Y EL CARIBE: todos los países
    • ORIENTE MEDIO: todos los países
    • ASIA-PACÍFICO: todos los países, excepto los que se enumeran a continuación
  • 200 USD para aquellos con base en:
    • EUROPA: todos los países excepto los enumerados anteriormente
    • ASIA-PACÍFICO: Australia, Nueva Zelanda, Japón, Corea, Hong Kong, Singapur
  • Entendemos que algunos de los montos propuestos pueden resultar inasequibles para algunos SCM. WSCF es una gran familia de movimientos, jóvenes y amigos mayores donde defendemos la diversidad y reconocemos las desigualdades. Valoramos el compromiso de todos con el WSCF. Para aquellos que no tienen capacidad para pagar el monto total, les pedimos que se comuniquen con su Oficina Regional para ver qué posibilidades serían las mejores en términos de pago de tarifas.

Opciones sobre cómo puede pagar

Después del pago

Pagar a través de Paypal

FUMEC AG 2022 Cuota de Inscripción
Pagar a través de Paypal, tarjeta de débito o crédito

Pague mediante transferencia electrónica directa a nuestra cuenta bancaria

CUENTA :   CH95 0078 8000 L079 0081 1
BANCO :   Banque Cantonale de Genève
Download memo: pdfENG pdfSPA pdfFRA

Date: March 29th 2021
To: WSCF Affiliated and Associated member movements, WSCF General Assembly Delegates, Executive Committee and Regional Committees, WSCF regional secretaries
Re: Extraordinary Virtual General Assembly Announcement and Approval
From: Marcelo Leites – General Secretary WSCF

Dear friends, brothers and sisters

Greetings from the World Student Christian Federation.

The purpose of this letter is to announce an Extraordinary General Assembly that will be held online. This Assembly will not substitute the in-person General Assembly (GA) that will be held in 2022, which was already announced in a previous statement.

The WSCF Executive Committee has decided to hold the Online Extraordinary General Assembly (V-GA) between July 29 and July 31, 2021.

Download memo: pdfENG pdfSPA pdfFRA

Date: February 04, 2021
To: WSCF Affiliated and Associated member movements, WSCF General Assembly Delegates, Executive Committee and Regional Committees
Re: WSCF 37th GA Postponement Announcement
From: Marcelo Leites – General Secretary WSCF

Dear WSCF Friends,

Greetings from the World Student Christian Federation,

I hope this message finds you and your movements safe and healthy,

The WSCF General Assembly (GA) is the most representative and highest-decision making body of the Federation. As a rule it meets every four years or within a period of six years in case of extraordinary circumstances in order to bring together the Federation’s 108 associated and affiliated member movements from 94 countries.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the WSCF Executive Committee (ExCo) decided in December 2020 to postpone the in-person General Assembly that was to be hosted in Berlin in June 2021 to a new date in 2022 maintaining Berlin as the host city.

pdfDownload/view in PDF

30th March 2020

Dear WSCF 37th General Assembly participants,

Greetings on behalf of the WSCF Executive Committee.

Last March 24, 2020, the WSCF Executive Committee met online to discuss the scenarios of the WSCF General Assembly (GA) and the impact of the pandemic Covid19 this coming June 4 to 12,2020 in Berlin.  The Executive Committee also received the recommendation from the GA Local Host Committee on the situation in Germany and the prospects of our GA in June. We also exchanged information from the different parts of the world on the escalating number of cases and its trajectory.

The Executive Committee are one in hearts and minds that the foremost concern is the safety and protection of lives, the well-being of all at this time of unprecedented global crisis. Thru prayerful discernment, the Executive Committee decided to postpone the WSCF 37th General Assembly this coming June and its related events, the WSCF Executive Committee Meetings and the Senior Friends Gathering. The new dates of the GA next year will be announced in the most opportune time, when all the logistics and preparatory arrangements have been re-adjusted and finalized.

At this time of great need, we invite you to pray with us.

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