Affirms the role of Indonesia SCM in peace building and dialogue, plans for 37th GA in 2020 Germany

2018 June 12-18, Jakarta, Indonesia

WSCF ExCo members with GMKI local host during the Solidarity NightWSCF ExCo members with GMKI local host during the Solidarity Night

The WSCF Executive Committee held its in-face meeting at the Samadi Pastoral Centre in Jakarta, Indonesia from June 12 to 18, 2018. Hosted by the Indonesia Student Christian Movement or the Gerakan Mahasiswa Kristen Indonesia (GMKI), the meeting was attended by 28 participants composed of the WSCF global officers, executive staff members, regional representatives, and members of the WSCF Centennial Fund Board.

The WSCF Executive Committee is tasked, among others, to fulfil the mandate of the General Assembly, to ensure inter-regional contacts and to initiate specific inter-regional programmes that are in keeping with the needs and priorities of the Federation.

ExCo Meeting in Palermo Sicily December 2015ExCo Meeting in Palermo, Sicily, December 2015

The ExCo meets immediately after and before each General Assembly, and further meets at least twice during the interval between successive Assemblies. Download here the minutes of these meetings.

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