pdfWSCF Announcement on Changes in Leadership 2020-11

WSCF13 November 2020

Dear WSCF member movements, senior friends and partners,

Greetings from the WSCF Inter-regional office!

We continue to pray that you are all well at this time of COVID19 global pandemic.  This pandemic has affected our lives, including the way we do our work and engage with all of you. With the postponement of our In-person 37th General Assembly (GA) last June in Berlin, we continue to strive and adapt to inevitable changes in the life of our Federation under this so called new normal. I’m therefore writing to inform you of two very important changes in the life of our global Federation today.

First, we wish to inform you of the resignation of Ms. Georgine Kengne Djeutane as WSCF Chairperson last September 2020. Georgine leaves the role and responsibilities of the chairperson position to our WSCF Co-vice chairpersons, Immanuel Gopala Kitnan and Salma Sharaf until the next General Assembly (GA) is organized where elections will be held for the new set officers of the Federation.

We express our deepest thanks to Georgine for her courage, dedication and steadfast leadership during this period of transition from 2015-2020. As she steps down as the chairperson of WSCF, she leaves a legacy of compassionate and prayerful discernment process in the WSCF Executive Committee’s work. Georgine will continue to be in the family of the Federation offering support and encouragement as a senior friend to young WSCFers.

Second, the Federation bids farewell to one of our beloved global staff team member, Ms. Sunita Suna, Regional Executive for Asia Pacific and Global Program Director for Identity Diversity and Dialogue (IDD). Replacing Sunita is Ms. Fanny Chung from SCM Hong Kong, who will be joining the global team as Interim Regional Coordinator for Asia Pacific this December 2020. Fanny worked as a staff of SCM Hong Kong and the Korean Student Christian Federation (KSCF) in Seoul and is currently an active Executive Committee member of WSCF. Transition and hand-over of responsibilities is on-going between Sunita and Fanny Chung.

We express our gratitude and sincerest appreciation to Sunita for her leadership in the WSCF Asia Pacific region and her efforts to empower the global Identity Diversity and Dialogue (IDD) program in the past years.  Sunita has made substantial contribution in strengthening WSCF’s gender justice work and laid down the foundation for dialogue on sexuality with WSCF member movements.  We welcome Fanny with a new role as a staff member of WSCF.

The Federation receives God’s blessings in the form of service and commitment from those working as volunteers and staff of WSCF.  We pray and wish Georgine, Sunita well and God’s abundant love and blessings in their journey ahead. 

We are thankful of the different ways in which our members and partners contribute to the vision and mission of the Federation.

In Christ,

Necta Montes
Out-going General Secretary

pdfWSCF Announcement on Changes in Leadership 2020-11

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