The General Assembly – the highest decision-making body of the WSCF – is the most representative expression of the WSCF’s life where the different members and representatives from all corners of the world have the chance to come together to talk about issues important to their activities and to direct the work of the Federation for the next four years.

The mandate of the General Assembly will be fulfilled by the elected Executive Committee. The Federation is governed by its Constitution and Bye-Laws ratified and amended as needed by the General Assembly.

The 34th General Assembly in 2008 Montreal CanadaThe 34th General Assembly in 2008, Montreal, Canada

The General Assembly is the most representative and highest decision-making body of the World Student Christian Federation. General Assemblies or General Committees of WSCF have taken place since the federation's foundation meeting in 1895.

WSCF General Assemblies - 1992 in Beijing, 2004 in Chiang Mai, and 2015 in BogotáWSCF General Assemblies - 1992 in Beijing, 2004 in Chiang Mai, and 2015 in Bogotá

The four-yearly General Assembly involves every national member movement of the federation along with WSCF Executive Committee Officers, Inter-Regional and Regional staff. The General Assembly quorum must include at least half its member movements and the voting delegates should be balanced in terms of student and gender representation. Also in attendance at General Assemblies are stewards from SCMs who work to support the assembly's programme and administration, guests from partner organisations and resource people providing input during the assembly programme.

36th WSCF General Assembly - Online


GA ConCom announcement pdfENG pdfFRA pdfSPA

GA Basic Information and Instructions pdfENG pdfFRA pdfSPA

GA Proposed Agenda pdfENG pdfFRA pdfSPA

GA Opening Prayer pdfENG pdfFRA pdfSPA

GA Closing Prayer pdfENG pdfFRA pdfSPA

YMCA & YWCA Denmark affiliation request pdfENG

YMCA & YWCA Denmark presentation pdfENG

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution pdfENG pdfFRA pdfSPA

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution: SCM-HK comments  pdfENG pdfFRA pdfSPA

WSCF Constitution and Bye-Laws (amended 2004, 2008)
pdfENG pdfFRA pdfSPA

WSCF Constitution and Bye-Laws (amended May 2017)
pdfENG pdfFRA pdfSPA

35th WSCF General Assembly - Bogotá

“We are Many, We are One - Sent Out to Build God’s Peace”

This was the theme of the 35th WSCF General Assembly gathering from February 27 to March 5, 2015 at the YMCA, Bogotá, Colombia. It was the most important event in the life of the Federation in the past seven years with 163 participants and 78 official delegates representing 64 member movements, partners, senior friends and churches. The GA was a turning point in the life of the Federation because its mandates were to:

  1. implement plans for strategic changes for the future of the Federation;
  2. engage in a continuing dialogue on issues of Identity, Diversity and Dialogue;
  3. work for Peace and Justice in Colombia, Palestine and the Middle East; and
  4. celebrate and share the life together in Christ and welcome the birth of new movements.

Participants at the 35th WSCF General AssemblyParticipants at the 35th WSCF General Assembly

The WSCF Executive Committee is tasked, among others, to fulfil the mandate of the General Assembly, to ensure inter-regional contacts and to initiate specific inter-regional programmes that are in keeping with the needs and priorities of the Federation.

ExCo Meeting in Palermo Sicily December 2015ExCo Meeting in Palermo, Sicily, December 2015

The ExCo meets immediately after and before each General Assembly, and further meets at least twice during the interval between successive Assemblies. Download here the minutes of these meetings.

WSCFOn 6th April 2015, Rev. Dr. Caterina Dupré passed away at the age of 44 after a cruel illness. Caterina was Vice‐chair of WSCF from 2000‐2004. An ordained Pastor in the Waldensian Church of Italy, Caterina had been Director of the Agape Ecumenical Centre since 2009.

Caterina studied theology at the Waldensian Faculy in Rome, where she became an active member of the FGEI (the Italian affiliate of WSCF). A year of studies in Russia kindled a lifelong interest in the theology and spirituality of the Orthodox Church, an interest she pursued with further studies at St Vladimir’s Seminary in New York. Caterina was ordained as a Waldensian Pastor in 2001.

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