The General Assembly – the highest decision-making body of the WSCF – is the most representative expression of the WSCF’s life where the different members and representatives from all corners of the world have the chance to come together to talk about issues important to their activities and to direct the work of the Federation for the next four years. The mandate of the General Assembly will be fulfilled by the elected Executive Committee. The Federation is governed by its Constitution and Bye-Laws ratified and amended as needed by the General Assembly.

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World Student Christian Federation
37th General Assembly
June 4 to 11, 2020
Zwinglikerk, Berlin, Germany
Theme: “Rejoice in Hope” (Romans 12:12)


The WSCF General Assembly or GA is the most representative and highest-policy making body of the Federation.  It is to convene once every four years or within six years in extra-ordinary circumstances to bring together its 108 member movements from 94 countries.

The 35th in-face regular session of the GA was held in Bogota Colombia from February 27 to March 5, 2015.  At this GA, a proposal was passed for the Federation to undergo a transition period with guidelines approved for implementation. Two years later, an Extra-ordinary Assembly, the 36th officially recognized by the Executive Committee, was held online from May 22 to 28, 2017 primarily to amend the WSCF Constitution. The Online GA was a transition mandate from the GA in Bogota and approved by the Executive Committee Meeting in Palermo December 2016.  It was participated-in by 60 delegates from 80 Affiliated member movements and ExCo members.

Christopher ChimangeniChristopher ChimangeniThe World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) welcomes Christopher Chimangeni from Lilongwe as Executive for Africa and Director for Bible and Theology Program. He joins the WSCF global staff team working from Malawi where he will be hosted by the CYMA or Christian Youth of Malawi Association, WSCF member movement in Malawi. Christopher has been an active member of the movement and worked as the coordinator of the CYMA for 3 years until 2017. Prior to this appointment, Christopher has worked as Capacity Building Coordinator for the Don Bosco Youth Center and Program Manager of the Association of the Christian Educators in Malawi where he devoted his talents and skills to youth and young people.

Affirms the role of Indonesia SCM in peace building and dialogue, plans for 37th GA in 2020 Germany

2018 June 12-18, Jakarta, Indonesia

WSCF ExCo members with GMKI local host during the Solidarity NightWSCF ExCo members with GMKI local host during the Solidarity Night

The WSCF Executive Committee held its in-face meeting at the Samadi Pastoral Centre in Jakarta, Indonesia from June 12 to 18, 2018. Hosted by the Indonesia Student Christian Movement or the Gerakan Mahasiswa Kristen Indonesia (GMKI), the meeting was attended by 28 participants composed of the WSCF global officers, executive staff members, regional representatives, and members of the WSCF Centennial Fund Board.

36th WSCF General Assembly - Online


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GA Basic Information and Instructions pdfENG pdfFRA pdfSPA

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YMCA & YWCA Denmark affiliation request pdfENG    

YMCA & YWCA Denmark presentation pdfENG    

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution pdfENG pdfFRA pdfSPA

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution: SCM-HK comments  pdfENG pdfFRA pdfSPA

WSCF Constitution and Bye-Laws (amended 2004, 2008)
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WSCF Constitution and Bye-Laws (amended May 2017)
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35th WSCF General Assembly - Bogotá

“We are Many, We are One - Sent Out to Build God’s Peace”

This was the theme of the 35th WSCF General Assembly gathering from February 27 to March 5, 2015 at the YMCA, Bogotá, Colombia. It was the most important event in the life of the Federation in the past seven years with 163 participants and 78 official delegates representing 64 member movements, partners, senior friends and churches. The GA was a turning point in the life of the Federation because its mandates were to:

  1. implement plans for strategic changes for the future of the Federation;
  2. engage in a continuing dialogue on issues of Identity, Diversity and Dialogue;
  3. work for Peace and Justice in Colombia, Palestine and the Middle East; and
  4. celebrate and share the life together in Christ and welcome the birth of new movements.

Participants at the 35th WSCF General AssemblyParticipants at the 35th WSCF General Assembly

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