WSCF Christmas Virtual Event 2023

Affirming WSCF legacy into today’s pathways of Justice

Invitation: WSCF Christmas Virtual Event

Dear WSCF Senior Friends,

Warm greetings from WSCF!

We are thrilled to invite our Senior Friends and WSCF supporters to join the WSCF Christmas Virtual Event “Affirming WSCF legacy into today’s pathways of Justice,” to be held on December 13th, 2023, at 13 GMT.

The recent WSCF 37th General Assembly (GA) reminded us of the profound impact we can collectively make on the world. In this spirit, the WSCF Christmas Virtual Event has the purpose on one hand to officially introducing and launching among our senior community the new programmatic areas approved for the next quadrennium - Climate and Economic Justice; Youth, Peace, and Security - Peacebuilding; Democracy, Human Rights, and Fundamentalisms; Identity, Diversity, Dialogue, and Gender Justice; and Youth Ecumenical Leadership - Together with the strategies that will be implemented cutting across our programs; Biblical Theological Reflection; Youth Mobilization and Participation; Advocacy and Solidarity; Capacity Building and Strengthening of Movements.

On the other hand, to engage Senior Friends to join the WSCF initiative, strengthening intergenerational cooperation and empowering Senior Friend networks worldwide as part of the discussion held at the General Assembly.

This Virtual Event is a pivotal component of our broader strategy to involve Senior Friends actively in the ongoing work of the Federation, thereby fostering intergenerational cooperation, dialogue, and feedback.

During this Virtual Event, we will:

  • Share inspiring stories from Senior Friends about WSCF’s identity and Ecumenical Leadership legacy and stories of SCM members to show the programmatic impact of WSCF on students and communities.
  • Present the WSCF Program Work Plan developed by the global staff team and WSCF bodies after the General Assembly, which outlines our vision for the next 4 to 6 years.
  • Introduce you to the new WSCF Global Staff Team responsible for ensuring that our operations run smoothly.
  • Present the roadmap of activities for Senior Friends.
  • Host a silent art auction featuring pieces from talented SCM artists to raise funds for our programs. Your presence and support are key to our mission’s success.
  • Sing, laugh, and share experiences and anecdotes; we will remember our history.

Save the Date: December 13th - 13GMT

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How can you make a difference?

1. Financial support for the new programmatic plan implementation

Your financial support enables us to carry out our programs and work plan effectively. We rely on the contributions of senior friends and supporters like you to continue our work for Climate and Economic Justice, Peace-Building, Human Rights, Gender Justice, and Youth Ecumenical Leadership.

Every contribution plays a crucial role in advancing our mission. Your support will directly impact young individuals and student communities worldwide striving to create a more just and sustainable future. The following are the means by which you can support us:

  • Bank: Banque Cantonale de Genève
  • Account: World Student Christian Federation
  • Address: 150 route de Ferney – PO.Box 2100
    1211 Geneva 2 - Switzerland
  • Account Number: CH95 0078 8000 L079 0081 1

2. Get involved! Join Seniors Friend Network

The Senior Friend Gathering held at our last GA proposed strengthening the Senior Friend Network to involve more friends and increase the impact of intergenerational cooperation at the federation. For that, we need your active involvement/participation at your local or regional senior friend body.  We invite Senior friends to promote it if there is no dynamic network. You can contact us and your Regional Secretary to follow up on this.

WSCF LinkTree QR CodeWSCF LinkTreeWarmest Regards,

Marcelo Leites

General Secretary
World Student Christian Federation


Click here to read the program report of the WSCF Program held in Jakarta - July 2023

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