Webinar: Witness from Palestine

The World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC), and Kairos Palestine hosted a webinar on December 5, 2023, titled “Witness from Palestine: Reclaiming Humanity Amidst Double Standards and Dehumanization.”

Webinar: Witness from PalestineThe webinar panelists – from Palestine – displayed a comprehensive analysis of the challenges faced by the Palestinian people in their pursuit to reclaim justice. The webinar assesses the impact and dehumanization resulting from ongoing narratives, spotlighting media portrayals and lobbying efforts that reduce Palestinians to mere numbers.

Webinar: Witness from PalestineThe imperative rejection of excuses for refraining from using the term “apartheid” emphasized the need for discussions surrounding the historical situation and colonialist regime in Palestine and the ongoing genocide in Gaza. Additionally, the speakers challenged double standards in addressing the Palestinian situation, promoting an open dialogue within the ecumenical movement.

Watch the full Webinar:

#StopApartheid #StopPalestinianGenocide

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