The Church has celebrated the Easter of our Lord Jesus Christ and we continue in hope, announcing the Good News of the resurrection in our world. The year 2020 and what goes on in 2021 has been a time of great challenges and learning for humanity: a stage of trials, struggles and crisis, in which we should seek the paths of understanding, solidarity and mutual understanding between nations. From the faith that we profess, this is the path that we live and seek: the path of peace and justice that emanate from the Kingdom of God.

The report presented by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor of the United States government on March 30 before the Congress, on alleged violations of human rights in Cuba, once again, ignores the Cuban reality and its history.

These foreign relations policies, of continuity with the past administration, continue to affect mainly Cuban families, but also the American people, and threaten the construction of peaceful and harmonious relations in the region, preventing spaces for mutual understanding and growth.

We, leaders of Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs), councils and alliances of churches at the national, regional and international levels, which develop different cooperation networks among and with organizations and churches in the Republic of Cuba, consider that;

  • Reports of this nature do not lead to a constructive and effective dialogue. We urge talks between the two governments on all issues deemed necessary. Peace and understanding are born when there is the possibility of listening to the other, of dialoguing with the other and together, in respect. Let us build societies of love with justice and an international community duly focused on human development and that of all creation.

  • The policies of blockade and unilateral sanctions implemented for decades, have not produced the results expected by the governments of the United States but, on the contrary, they have caused greater vulnerability in people and have made bilateral relations more difficult every day. It is necessary to put an end to the blockade and to the unilateral sanctions, and to move forward in a serious, respectful and adequate dialogue for the two sovereign nations.

  • As the sister nation of the United States has a new administration, we continue to advocate from Cuba, from our counterparts in the United States, and from regional and international Churches and Faith-Based Organizations, for new policies of understanding and mutual cooperation.

We live and trust in the hope of a new moment, where Cuban and American hands can shake: artists, athletes, believers, non-believers, scientists, families, children, youth, the elderly, women, men; May we all live in peace under the same sky and under the same God who loves us without making distinctions.

From our faith in God, we understand that the path must always be one of peace, understanding and respect.

"Follow Peace with everyone"
Hebrews 12:14a

"Judge according to the truth, and show mercy to your brother and sister"
Zechariah 7:9b


  • Marcelo Leites
    General Secretary of the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF)

  • Chris Ferguson
    General Secretary of the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC)

  • Darío Barolin
    Executive Secretary of the Presbyterian and Reformed Alliance of Churches in Latin America (AIRPRAL)

  • Leonardo Daniel Felix
    Executive Director Latin American Ecumenical Agency of Communication – ALC Communication

  • Dianet de la C. Martínez Valdés
    ChairPerson of the Student Christian Movement of Cuba – WSCF

  • Jorge González Nuñez
    Leadership Training Secretary of the Student Christian Movement of Cuba – WSCF LAC

  • Joel Ortega Dopico
    Executive Secretary of the Cuban Council of Churches – CIC

  • Luis Carlos Marrero Chasbar
    Director of the Center of Studies of the Cuban Council of Churches

  • Izzet Zamá
    Joined Coordination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Center

  • Marilyn Peña
    Joined Coordination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Center

  • Kirenia Criado
    Joined Coordination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Center

  • Joel Suárez
    Joined Coordination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Center

  • Dora E. Arce Valentin
    Moderator of the Presbyterian-Reformed Church in Cuba

  • Miriam Ofelia Ortega
    Director of the Christian Institute of Gender Studies – Cuba

  • Moraima González Ortiz
    Evangelical Seminary of Theology in Matanzas, Cuba (SET) and
    Christian Institute of Gender Studies-Cuba

  • Carlos Emilio Ham
    Rector of the Evangelical Seminary of Theology in Matanzas, Cuba (SET)

  • Reinerio Arce-Valentin
    Director of the Ecumenical Institute of Science of Religion (ISECRE)

  • Nacyra Gómez Cruz
    Directora del Centro de Servicios Sociales y Educativos (CESERSE)

  • Yahimi Mederos
    Centro de Servicios Sociales y Educativos (CESERSE)


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