OBJECTIVES:   To mobilize the Federation on issues pertaining to overcoming violence and peace-making with a focus to the situations in the Middle East and Colombia.

WSCF support new peace-building programmes in the Middle East, training more students and young people to lead initiatives that tackle the root causes of war and conflict.

In the midst of war and violence in the Middle East, it is the people who suffer the most. Civilians are caught up in fighting, being displaced from their homes and forced to flee – often risking terrible danger to find safety in a foreign land.

WSCF is committed to supporting our movements in the Middle East to continue being a witness for peace in the region. Our peacebuilding and dialogue programme brings young people together, often from different faiths, to share and learn about the root causes of conflict and find new ways to build peace. Donate today to give more students a chance to take part in this initiative.

  • Students and young people from different faiths coming together to witness, learn about and tackle the root causes of violence and conflict in the Middle East.

An urgent call for peace in the Middle East.

The WSCF Peacebuilding Program supports peace-building in the Middle East—training students and young people to lead initiatives that tackle the root causes of war and conflict.

Lets Build Peace

In this video prepared by the WSCF Inter-Regional Office in cooperation with WSCF Middle East and WSCF Latin America and Caribbean, young people from the Federation speaks of their yearning for justice and peace in the region historically plagued by war and violence.

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