Joint WSCF Solidarity Statement with students in Myanmar

On March 3, 2021, one of the biggest protests in the history of Myanmar took place in different cities of the country and at least 38 protesters were killed, including a 19-year-old young lady named Kyal Sin who was shot to death in Mandalay. Many of the students and young people went to the streets and protested against the military coup. According to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP), more than 400 protesters were arrested in Yangon during the crackdown on March 3. We have been informed that 14 of the students coming from SCM-Yangon Region were arrested and they are not allowed to contact nor see their lawyers and families. The names of the students are listed below:

  • Khin Thiri (LAP1)
  • Kyaw Zayar Tun Myint (DUCF)
  • Saw Hsel Moo Soe (YUFLUCF)
  • Nyi Sar Heih (EYUCF)
  • Aye Myat Thu (LAP 18th Batch)
  • Peter Thian Bawm Sang (DUCF)
  • Hay Lar Phone Ni (HBTUCF)
  • Sithu (YUCF)
  • Sabai Phyu Phwe (WYUCF)
  • Zayar Naing (YUCF)
  • Pwint Thitsar (YUCF)
  • Kim (YUCF)
  • Saw Freedom Gil (EYUCF)
  • Paul Lian (DUCF) – released

In view of this situation, we as the World Student Christian Federation:

Demand that all Human Rights are respected and protected. It is the right for the people to access legal protection and to contact the lawyers. The military coup is violating all the domestic and international laws by restraining people from accessing such rights.

We condemn the use of violence towards peaceful protestors. It was reported that stun grenades, smoke bombs, tear gas, rubber bullets and even live ammunition were used during the crackdown.

Until 15 March, more than 126 people had been killed and thousands of citizens wounded. We cry out along with the victims, the wounded, the people who have been murdered and their families since the Coup started.

We condemn the arrest of SCM Yangon students and other peaceful protesters in the streets of Yangon.

The WSCF requests the immediate release of the 14 detained students, members of the SCM Myanmar, a member movement of the World Student Christian Federation.

As WSCF we continue to struggle for a more just world, for peaceful and harmonious societies where the dignity and life of all people is fully respected and experienced.

Together we pray and act!

Ms. Fanny Chung
World Student Christian Federation
Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator

Mr. Marcelo Leites
World Student Christian Federation
General Secretary

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