WSCF is called to be a prophetic witness in the Church and the transformation of the world where God’s love for creation, justice and peace is shared by all across boundaries of race, class, ethnicity, culture, gender and sexuality. This vision is nurtured by a radical hope of God’s reign in history and liberating faith in Jesus Christ.


WSCF is a global fellowship of Student Christian Movements putting their faith into action to contribute to the renewal of the ecumenical movement and to promote justice and peace in the world.

Thematic Programs


OBJECTIVES:   Promote climate justice—upholding the youth and student voice—through advocacy in international governance bodies in partnership with church and ecumenical institutions; train students and youth leaders to fight climate change, campaign for indigenous peoples’ rights, and create lasting change for the Earth.

WSCF train and empower more students and leaders to fight climate change, campaign for the rights of indigenous people, and create lasting change for the earth.

As Christians, we believe that we are stewards of God’s creation, called to care for the environment and the world. But across the globe, we are seeing the devastating effects of climate change, which is not only harming the planet but leaving people displaced, vulnerable and poor.

WSCF is committed to fighting this injustice, supporting our local movements and students to campaign for the rights of marginalized peoples and working globally to secure a better future for our shared planet. You can help these students today by donating to WSCF’s Eco-Justice programs.

  • Student leaders trained to advocate for marginalized people and campaign for eco-justice.
  • Churches empowered to work for environmental justice through theological training and study.
  • Local SCMs working together to campaign for climate justice and protect natural resources.


OBJECTIVES:   Initiate processes of dialogue and develop among SCMs a theological understanding of human sexuality; support inclusive churches and movements that affirm the dignity of the LGBTQ+ and welcome their participation and leadership; equip the SCMs in speaking up for the rights of all communities that suffer discrimination.

WSCF works for dialogue, understanding and unity within the church, affirming the dignity and voices of all people.

‘We are many, we are one’ – these are the words that represent the vast diversity of members within WSCF, and the single unity we have in Christ. As a diverse global federation, we work across boundaries of race, sexuality, gender, class or culture to protect the dignity of all people through dialogue and prayer, especially those who suffer discrimination from those in positions of power.

WSCF’s IDD Program ensures more churches, student movements and communities can come together to resolve conflict and welcome the other into an encounter of God’s love.

  • Churches supported in welcoming all people into their community.
  • LGBT people and other marginalized communities empowered to lead and participate in churches and student movements.
  • Individual students equipped to speak up for the rights of LGBT people and other communities that suffer discrimination.


OBJECTIVES:   Mobilise the Federation in efforts geared toward overcoming violence and building peace; equip the SCMs in leading initiatives that address the issues and root causes of conflict and violence; facilitate dialogue among youth of different faiths and backgrounds to share experiences and knowledge, and find new ways to build peace.

WSCF support new peace-building programmes in the Middle East, training more students and young people to lead initiatives that tackle the root causes of war and conflict.

In the midst of war and violence in the Middle East, it is the people who suffer the most. Civilians are caught up in fighting, being displaced from their homes and forced to flee – often risking terrible danger to find safety in a foreign land.

WSCF is committed to supporting our movements in the Middle East to continue being a witness for peace in the region. Our peacebuilding and dialogue programme brings young people together, often from different faiths, to share and learn about the root causes of conflict and find new ways to build peace. Donate today to give more students a chance to take part in this initiative.

  • Students and young people from different faiths coming together to witness, learn about and tackle the root causes of violence and conflict in the Middle East.


OBJECTIVES:   Create spaces for SCMs and young people from different faiths to dialogue, learn from one another, and work together on common issues; encourage members of the SCMs to take positive action for the healing and rebuilding of communities, and provide sanctuary to migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers.

WSCF dialogues and engages with young people from other faiths working together on environmental issues, migration and refugees issues.

WSCF believes that the core values of all religious faith is founded on love, peace, justice and harmony. Our interfaith and inter-religious programmes bring young people together to share, listen and learn from one another to break the walls of indifference, apathy and intolerance.

  • Provide more spaces for young people from all religious faith to dialogue and have a common understanding of their faith and their communities
  • Encourage young people in the SCMs to take positive action to the healing of communities, provide sanctuaries to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, and help rebuild communities


OBJECTIVES:   Engage with other student movements in campaigns promoting education as a right for all and advocating against unjust policies that deny people access to higher education; support local and global efforts protecting education from increasing commercialisation, and providing more young people greater access to higher education.

Give more young people a chance of education – WSCF’s campaign to provide more young people with equal access to higher education that is affordable and fair.

Across the world, people are being denied access to higher education because of rising costs and systemic discrimination. We believe this is wrong – education should be available to all and not a commodity only the privileged can afford.

WSCF’s higher education projects ensure that student movements have the resources and knowledge to pressurize authorities to change their policies. We support students and youth to debate and advocate for these issues openly, and support global efforts to protect education from increasing commercialisation.

  • Students and youth empowered to advocate for the rights of all people to affordable higher education.
  • More effective campaigns from SCMs to change unjust policies that prevent people going on to university study.

Program Strategies


  • Stimulate the study of the Bible and promote theological thinking among Christian students to help them understand the call of God in their lives.


  • Enable the Federation to stand firmly in solidarity with students, movements and people around the world, especially in situations of oppression and exploitation, human rights violations, conflict and violence, wars, and natural disasters, and advocate for systemic change in the different contexts and in the world.


  • Enhance the capacity of SCMs and the Federation to serve and respond to the needs of the community by developing a deeper understanding and practice of Ecumenical Transformative Diakonia at the local, regional and global levels.


  • Build dynamic SCMs that will give rise to a new generation of young Christian leaders and prophetic witnesses that will act together to renew the ecumenical movement and transform the world.


  • Develop enabling structures and systems and nurture a competent team of staff and officers that will bring the Federation to a financially viable state and sustainable future.

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